Thank You

I asked my angel dogs, the loves of my life, what to do. 

My ever-growing misery was simply too much. 

There were days that getting out of bed, showering, and eating were just too much. 

My angels spoke to me and told me that the ONLY way to save myself was to adopt another best friend. 

He would never ever replace them in my heart; instead finding his own niche. 

The first time I saw his sweet face on the Internet, I knew. 

Today it became official:  I have a companion. 

Somebody to love and to love me back. 

I am no longer alone!!

Thank you my angels for giving me back a life that has been broken and empty for FAR too long. 

I love you forever Tobey Angel and Bob Angel. 

Please meet Drew, my newest love. 

Thank you. 

Love always,




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