I live in fear of everything and it is no way to live. Is it living, or surviving? 

Today I say the words: 

“I will NOT live in fear!”

Pray the feeling lasts longer than breakfast 

Insert Charlie Brown reference here as he sits before Lucy

Fear, please set me free



My father-in-law is dying. His dear wife is the mother I’ve always craved. I can see the agony in her eyes. I remember that pain when I began to watch my Dad deteriorate. Her own children do not see it. They don’t understand it; and they sure as hell cannot sympathize. 

I want to protect her. I want to save him. Sadly, I’ve learned the hard way that I can not do either. There is no way for me to hold his body together – no magic wand to keep her whole. 

All I can do is be there; be me. Be strong in the face of what nobody else appears to see. 

I love these people as though they were my own. Please, don’t let them suffer. Fool that I am – suffering is all that there is left – and then; I pray – peace.