Puppy Love

I thank the heavens for my two sweet dogs

They give me the love that is missing in this thing which I call “my life”

The mornings, when we are all alone are delicious freedom

Nervous anxiety grips my soul as I wait for him to rise

Once he wakes life will change

And I will cling to my dear hounds

Puppy love



Sweet Exhausted Bliss

I am exhausted from early morning long walks, midday walks and late night walks. 

It is pure bliss!

My husband is at his wits end and does not know what to do. 

If I am out of the house for one minute, my sweet hound barks like crazy. 

He NEEDS me; I haven’t felt this loved and exhausted in a GOOD way – in I cannot recall how long. 

If I cannot leave the house for months:  FINE!

He loves me and makes me feel needed and loved in a pure puppy love way. 

And my poor dear husband who has ignored me for more months than not is tripping over himself to figure out what to do. 

I smile secretly. 

Sweet exhaustion. 


Barely Standing Asleep

Sleeping in fits and bits
Not knowing where to go
This morning it’s beautiful outside
Inside, I am as dark as night
And as menacing
Angry thunderstorms
Out here, along the Hudson
The sun and a breeze provide as easy blanket
How long could I sleep here
Dog wrapped around my wrist
We sit on the pavement together for a while before the morning people rise
Younger women with their prams, dogs and tall husbands – each drinking coffee
Am I envious – no
Annoyed – yes
Who are these clones and where is their factory?
Do they choose –
Are they chosen?
I want my baby, floppy ears and heart of gold
I want breakfast and to sleep the morning away
My sweet boy within reach