On a Short, Tight Leash

He keeps me on a short, tight leash.
Watching every move that I make and shadowing me.
The truth is that it is his “illness” and I am his wife, caretaker and victim of his moods.
I haven’t the right to complain.

The world revolves around him.
He makes all of the choices and the rules; we stand by – foolishly – and allow this behavior.
His reign as King was given to him by his parents.
They do not see what is obvious.
They close their eyes and allow me, his dear spouse, to take the brunt.

Congratulations – you win an expensive Christmas gift!
All you have to do in return is EVERYTHING that we need.
Speak only as accepted, keep all secrets and lies.
Smile and be thankful for the opportunity.

A woman on a choke collar.


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