Screaming Voices in my Head

There are too many voices screaming in my head. 

I cannot think clearly any longer. 

If I could scream louder an drown out the voices perhaps there would be peace. 

Instead, I implode in painful silence. 

Listening as each voice screams different words, their complaints and pleas. 

There is no relief except at night when the medication takes me far away. 

Meanwhile, I’ve no human support and nobody to talk to about the screaming in my head. 

The man in my life is selfish beyond explanation. 

He couldn’t care if he tried; simply put: he does not know how to love me. 

To the voices in my head, I say; PLEASE leave me alone and set me free.  

Let me have a life of silence, peace with just me and my dog. 

The sounds is breaking me. 


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