Action – Reaction


Action – Reaction:

My love for my new soulmate has had an amazing reaction on my husband. The man who has been ignoring me for too long, has suddenly begun to show me attention. 

Action – Reaction:

His new found adore feels wasted on me.  All of those years that I have craved his affection and attention; now they feel almost uncomfortable.  Maybe I’ve grown cold. Or just have filled my heart with other forms of love. 

Action – Reaction:

Life is complicated. I’ve spent hundreds of nights waiting for him to remember that I was in the room. Now my only concern is making sure everything I need can be delivered or has a drive-thru window. 

Action – Reaction:

I have loved my husband since the day we met with such a fierce passion. Never did I doubt that we were going to laugh and be united the rest of our days. 

Young love grows up and endures life. Lives. Cries. Builds and grows. In my mind’s eye we become a detailed braid – silly poet girl. 

Action – Reaction:

Heading toward midlife, feeling empty and alone, in a “good marriage” – my angels spoke to me. 

“Find a companion who will love you as you love him. Open your heart and be free of the darkness”

Action – Reaction:

Let time go by and the balance I once imagined in a dream become reality. 

Or, let my best friend and I stay as butterflies. 


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