Migraines and Roadtrips 

Again, I ask why I embarked upon the roadtrip with HIS family to see HIS family.  

At least I have convinced them to let me be in “the boy’s car” during our TWO HOUR (each way) day trip. 

The very idea of FOUR HOURS of girl talk, chat re: the Irish relatives and ailments of the elderly – NOT enough Valium in my purse!

It is 1:20pm and I’ve taken 2 EXCEDRIN & 1 Valium. 

Thankfully at 2:00pn I can take another 2 Valium. TAKEN!

My Doctor is not going to be thrilled but understanding (I said, with fingers crossed). 

We have been out for EIGHT hours.  

We have been in the car for approximately FIVE hours. 

I don’t want to take another Valium. WHY?  There is a gin and tonic (Heaven help me) in my future. 

Please, a quick dinner and drink. Please. 

**Very little family chatter!**

Then upstairs to my pajamas and my evening medications; then sweet precious sleep. 

By the way:  

My family chatter sucksWHY?  

• Because I refused to get in any photo that his “dear sister” took. 


I told her, “I am NOT getting in any of your photos because I NEVER get a copy“. 

She was horrified and replied with, “you’re serious?” – which I ignored and sat down. 

My husband looked at me with appropriate dismay and tried to get me to backdown. 

I am NOT true family.  

I figured it out!  

ALL of these humans share blood in one way or another EXCEPT me. 

No children = no blood = no true familial connection. 

It is NOT merely MIGRAINES and ROADTRIPS; I will NEVER be one of them.  Despite the “family” that has become estranged – I am ALONE. 

My family:  Dad and my two boys (albeit hounds) are gone. All angels now, leaving me being. 

Eternally the only child, eventually I hope to find solace in that place. 


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