It’s “SHOWTIME” and I am fucking exhausted!  I have been awake since 7:15am reading in bed while hoping that nobody would hear me. 

I have NO clue what time it is – dinner time?  

And the noise of SO many people all talking at once is crippling me. 

I just want to eat a bit and then crawl up the stairs, take my medicine and go to sleep. 

Wake up on Tuesday morning when we are all on our way home. 

By the way, screw this travel photo journal. Nobody really cares and it’s a waste of what little energy I have at this point. 

I’m sure that I heard somebody talk about going into town for a “festival” after dinner. Certainly there must be a way to get out of that “family event“. 

Why is it so LOUD in this house??

Home again from some fair & Dairy Queen. 

My stomach aches and I wish that I could be / would be at OUR home. 

Tomorrow we are scheduled to endure a two hour drive EACH way to a “wonderful” town. 

It’s supposed to be fabulous and exactly the type of town that I would LOVE. Arts and crafts, very eclectic for “this state“.

I’m doing my very best to be part of the group. 

To smile and be a family member EXCEPT that SHOWTIME is wearing me down. 

This is not a vacation, is it?  

Where is the nap time?

Maybe I was meant to be alone.  

Sad, but true.  



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