Still Invisible

Family road trip. 

Not as originally planned. 

My husband, his parents and me. 

We are off to see and stay with his sister, brother-in-law, two teen-agers and two dogs. 

Originally we were booked in the most fabulous resort in town.  NOPE!  

It was decided that we would all bunk together – big family. 

A horror to the only child who grew up living in a silent home, essentially raised by her father. Just us, no screaming children or pandemonium. 

This is Mars to my Saturn. 

This drive goes on forever….

I am not permitted to drive. 


I’ve no clue. I can give directions, which are dismissed or mocked. (Although they are correct)

In order to save my sanity, it was suggested that I keep a “Family Travel Log“.  FABULOUS!

I have begun and sent the links to all involved. Of course, NO response. 

Silly me – I’m still fucking invisible!

 On the road to Charlotte, NC  


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