Always Another Choice

My father always used to say, “there is always another choice“. 

If I were in college and at my wits end:  “there is always another choice“. If I was in the bowels of Wall Street, overwhelmed:  “there is always another choice“. 

Thoroughout the years I never quite understood what the “other choice” was and never had the guts to ask. I simply did not want to appear stupid to my hero father. 

Now that he has been gone over five painful, gut wrenching years finally I have figured out what he meant. 

There is always another choice“, meant that you could quit.  

Walk away from everything you know and care about and give up. 

The “other choice” ranged from relocation to giving up on life. 

The reason that he never explained what “the other choice” might be?  

Simple:  he knew that when I figured out what my “other choice” was, he wanted it to me mine. 

For once my father did not want the glory or the blame. 

There is always another choice“. 

Each day I fear and wonder as I grow closer to my decision. 


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