Quiet Desperation

I lay in quiet desperation missing my soul mates (my sweet dogs), loving them, far more than the person I call my “husband”. How I long for just one of my beloved hounds rather than this man of a million moods. 

I suffer in quiet desperation. I do my very best to pretend that I like this man – but fear that the truth slips through the seams. My pain and anger builds each day. 

I’ve read enough about divorce to know that is an arduous project. Read enough to know that it does not mean that it will force him to leave. Either way, I am trapped; awaiting his next hospitalization. At that juncture I can start proceedings safely. 

Quiet desperation awaiting his next break – or will it be mine. 

My worst fear is that he will win. Win by breaking me. He will be on the outside and I will be in pieces. He probably won’t visit me. Nobody will notice that I am gone. 

Just another woman shattered in quiet desperation. 


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