Good Girl

The Good Girl says what is expected despite what she feels. 

She swallows her emotions in an effort in order to make the others happy. 

The Good Girl only found true happiness with her dogs.  

Her dogs have gone forever, leaving pain and a whole in her heart that can NEVER be replaced. 

The Good Girl would give up every human in her life if she could have her boys back. 

They gave her more love than any human could ever provide. 


The Good Girl gives up and gives in. 

She puts her needs and her life “on hold” for him when he would never do the same for her. 

Hiding her resentment because it ignites his ever-growing spark; she says nothing. 

The Good Girl watches others and knows that “those lives” weren’t meant for her. 

She will grow old alone and angry. 

Nobody will know that the Good Girl is in so much pain.  

At any given moment  she could fall to her knees and howl, crying and screaming. 

People would walk the Good Girl and not even notice that she existed. 

They would be right – this Good Girl is invisible. 


My true love and soulmate. 


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