Leibster Award – Entry

I was kindly nominated by Quivering Daiseys for the “Leibster Award“. Admittedly, I know little of this award.  I find it an honor to realize that this would-be writer’s words touch another’s soul. 

From what I’ve read from Quivering Daiseys, the award offered to bloggers by bloggers, in a bit of a “chain mail” fashion as it is passed forward, (ultimately up to the nominee to accept it or not – obviously – I have accepted) and the purpose of it is to welcome newer bloggers to the community by recognizing them. 

So here are the rules:

1. Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their page(s).

Alas, thank you:




2. Proudly display the award banner on your page.

Sadly, I have yet to locate the logo but will update as soon as I can locate. Promise

3. List eleven facts about yourself.

1. Writing is my greatest release.

2. Losing my father (May 2010) still hurts as though it were yesterday. 

3. My true soulmate was a basset hound, not a human. And I miss him as well.

4. There are days that I dream of disappearing to Santa Fe and never looking back. (Perhaps weeks)

5. spend far too much time worrying about others and far too little worrying about myself.

6. Lavender soothes me.

7. Anxiety can eat away my soul

8. I’ve no true family. 

9. Those who read my blog likely know far more about me than those who believe that they “know” me. 

10. I am frightened of almost everything but tell nobody. 

11. Someday I will do something worth remembering. 

4. Answer the questions the award-giver asked you and make 11 more for your nominees.

I do not have a list of nominees at this juncture, but will add as I go back and read many of the blogs which I follow. 

But will gladly answer the questions which have been asked of me. 

5. List your nominees (5-11 of them)

I do not have a list of nominees at this juncture, but will add as I go back and read many of the blogs which I follow. 

6. My 11 questions for my nominees: (from Quivering Daisies)
1. What got you into blogging? 

My desperate need to get the emotions out of my head and heart. The hope that there was just ONE person in the world who understood me. ONE person that I could touch and might connect with me. Blogging gave me an opportunity to feel less alone. 

2. Who is your role model and why? 

My basset hound.  He lived each day with joy and never let life get in his way. He took care of his needs (so to speak). He let me know when he was hungry, thirsty or needed a walk and never once was disappointed. He gave unconditional love and (in return) received it ten-fold. He was my best friend, confidante and now, sadly, my guardian angel. My boy knew how to live life far better than I even can imagine. 

3. What super power do you wish you had? 

The power to effect personal change. 

4. What’s your biggest pet peeve? 

Being ignored. Living a life where your existence is mandatory but you are invisible. 

5. What’s your guilty pleasure? 

Shedding tears when I am alone in the car. Crying over those I’ve lost. Weeping over a situation which I’ve found myself in – again. Howling in pain in front of nobody and then coming home and being just FINE. 

It is not traditional such as Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food; in my world it is far more cathartic and a guilty pleasure. 

6. If you had the ability to change one thing in the world, what would it be? 

Simple:  Turn back time. 

7. What is your greatest talent? 

The ability to love – despite flaws. 

8. What are your thoughts on the moon landing? 

It reminds me of the movie, “A Walk on the Moon”. Has nothing to do with the actual event. It had far more to do with freedom, passion, truth, despair and honesty. 

9. What social issue (e.g. homelessness, human trafficking) would you like to fight for the most? 

Youth & Homelessness. I see far too many young people sitting on the sidewalks (with sad looking dogs) begging. Each time I give a dollar I know it is not going to change their lives and am frightened for what will come of their futures. Are they poets? Artists? Or simply runaways from abusive homes. Heartbreaking. 

10. Are you a cat or dog person? 

DOG 100%

11. If you could invent anything, what would it be? 

A cure for mental illness – all of it. Stop the suffering for the sick and their caretakers. 





Gratefully yours. 


One thought on “Leibster Award – Entry

  1. Except for the things that you will eventually list out (nominees and such), you did everything perfectly! Accepting the award is simply by displaying the logo (which you’ve already got on this post) either on the post or as a widget (you will have to search how to do this because I did not do it myself; I’m not very tech-savvy…). Although anyone could technically put the image on their blog, the guidelines say that you must refer back to the person who nominated you, thus simply displaying the picture cannot fulfill this requirement. To put it simply, it is an online award from bloggers to bloggers, but it is an honour in the blogging community and you deserve to proudly display your award!
    Warmest regards,
    Sarah x

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