For You

For you, I have lied and given away my life. You do not notice, are not thankful or even care. It’s expected. 

For you, I’ve made endless sacrifices which have ended in my own loneliness.  My anger grows like weeds. 

For you, I’ve tolerated what few would allow. I have lost all boundaries and my heart knows no better. 

For you, I will sit in a room tomorrow and lie in order to free you from the hospital. Bring you back to a home that is mine and allow you destroy my serenity. 

For you, I have given my heart and soul and my life. There is “me” or even an “us”; there is only “you”. 

For you, I will live out my days in quiet desperation. Perhaps going back to work – or take classes to save what is left of my sanity. 

IF the tables were turned, what would you do for me?  Would you serve in battle for me?  Be there each day and listen to my cruel and arrogant rants OR would you go on with your own life?

For you, I believe that I would alone. 



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