No More Words

I fear that I’ve run out of words and that I’ve come to the very end of this blog. 

Prose and emotion are no longer able to flow from my broken mind onto the page. 

My world has become far too difficult and the pain is just immeasurable. 

There are no more words. 

I sleep my days and nights away – except for my visits to the hospital. 

His phone calls vacillate between pleasant and rude. 

His family has returned and closed ranks; I am a driver at best. 

Even his doctor has disregarded me. 

I no longer exist. 

My telephone never rings. I am all alone and no longer have any words to share with the world. 

Not one person in this crazy world takes me into consideration. 

No more words, not one. 

Besides, there is not a sole to hear me. 

Alas, I will live my life in quiet desperation until I am told what to do next. 




No more words to share. 


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