Storm Brewing

There is something amiss here and it’s obvious. I write behind a closed door and pray that I’m not discovered. Who knows what his reaction will be to my simple need to emote into the abyss. All I know is that he is wary of every move that I make. Please let him fall asleep. Let me have an early night; relieve the pain. 

I’ve got one week and 15% left to pack; I am panicked and crippled. I’ve nobody to confide in because I live with somebody who is a mirage. My body has betrayed me.  My mind plays games that are filled with anxiety ALONE

How did I get here?  How is it that the only help that I can get I must pay for because my world is filled with vampires?  What a moron!  

An embarrassment, disappointment and a fool.  I look at “the family” with contempt but am forbidden from saying one word. When did I become the women who only does as told – the shadow – broken and empty?  No longer real and true – simply a shell – say nothing and all remains sane. 

Who’s sanity are we discussing at this juncture. 

Does sanity even exist any longer?


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