Eggshells, Broken Glass and Hot Coals

This is my house and my life, I am self-destructing. My body betrays me. My head aches, limbs hurt and I cannot sleep for fear of losing my footing. 

I walk upon eggshells, broken glass and hot coals. People are broken this way – I am being broken. 

There isn’t much more that I can take. You do NOTHING except take care of yourself and play head games. While I work my ass off in preparation for this move. 

What if he WINS this game and I’m left shattered on the floor?  

Just a broken woman clutching her stuffed dog, crying and praying that she’s not heard. It’s not 6:00pm and my body yearns for sleep. I’ve been awake for almost THIRTEEN hours.  

Stressing, packing, thinking and hiding my emotions; for what else is there for me to do?  I cannot weep because it’s futile and nobody can hear me. I cry into an empty well. 

Eggshells, Broken Glass and Hot Coals. 


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