My Heart Hurts

My heart hurts and I am all alone. 

There is nobody to help me, to hold me and make me feel alright. Damn those who promised to be there for me!  Liars!  

I don’t care their situations anymore; 

I am in pain. 

My heart hurts so much that it may break into a million pieces and you are cavalier. You only care about yourself and who comes to visit you tomorrow. 

I am left ALONE!

I’ve no clue what to do, what decision to make.  All that I know is that my heart quite literally HURTS.  I’ve never felt so helpless or hopeless before in my entire life. 

Cry and nobody hears me. You make demands, complain about the insignificant and expect my sympathy. 

Meanwhile, I lay awake trying to decide the fate of my soulmate. 

Screw you, I’m sick of not having reciprocal love. 

My heart hurts and it’s getting worse exponentionally.  

Please help me, dear God, to make the right decision. Help me, anyone, to know what to do. Help me, my sweet soulmate, to tell me when it’s time. 

Help me because my heart hurts. 



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