The Final Day of May

I no longer recognize myself in the mirror; I’ve become old overnight. My eyes have fallen behind dark circles and my skin has become sallow.  My once light blonde hair now hangs in strings and strands. 

No matter how long I sleep, I look exhausted. 

Simply far too tired for words, appearing to be an old woman. Nobody would guess my age as the young girl any longer. I have aged exponentially overnight. 

Life has suddenly turned cruel on me.  As have the partipants; I can’t trust anyone.  They keep to themselves and their clan gathers close, leaving me alone. 

No guilt. 

IF I make it through this battle than it will be a miracle. 

I am broken by all of the stress. 

Who will be on the other end of the telephone?  Please let the medication allow me to sleep through the night.  Is it wrong that I want to worry about me?!  

I have needs and fears too, I’m a bad person for not being invisible. 


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