Give Up

What happens if I give up?  If I say, “screw you!” and take my things, my dog and walk away. If I don’t want to deal with this bullshit. If I give up!

I’m sick of being the strong one, the one we count on and piss on. The source of all things and then swallow my pride for everyone’s insanity. 

What about me?!  I give up!

I want my dog back. I want my shit life back. I will even take Wall Street back if that means that the constant pain stops. 

This is simply just too much for one human being to take alone

I am all alone. He has turned on me. If we are to stay together, I must build giant walls and hide behind them. Truth be told – I am an expert.  

Enough is enough; there is only so much a person can endure before they scream. 

I Give Up!

Why haven’t I cried?  

I’ve been on the verge of tears so many times but alas nothing. Perhaps each of us are allotted so many tears to shed and I’ve used mine. 

There are no tears left to fall from my bloodshot eyes. 

There is nothing left inside of me except loss and pain



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