I am a worn out ping pong ball, beaten up and broken.  At the mercy of everyone around me, no longer in charge of my own fate. All I can do I wait and worry. 

Instead, I have to sit here and pretend that I am not resentful of my captors and their son. 

I am at their mercy; no matter the facade, I am NOT family. 

These people are his family and are in denial. Choosing to turn a blind eye to the obvious instead of dealing with their reality. 

Their reality is too frightening. 

To know that your adult child has come undone (again) is unacceptable. Therefore you’ve chosen to hide and keep me hostage – no mercy as you pretend that everything is alright with the world. 

Nothing is right. None of these people can be trusted. Just as I always knew:  they are HIS


All of his words were empty and will never come to fruition. 

When I attempted to reach out to his brother today – no mercy – he turned on me and repeated my words. I am a fool!  Why did I believe that I could trust him?  

Why won’t they just let me be until I can go home?  Let me go to a hotel where I can blend in or disappear into the masses. 

Show me some of the mercy that you have showered upon your son. 


Broken by time


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