Now it’s me, my dog and my Dad’s ashes hiding from his paranoia. 

Whoever thought this would be my life?  

My father warned me not to marry him. Did he know something that I didn’t?  

I fled my own home’. I’m hiding from my life. Hiding from my husband and his insanity. 

Maybe I should gather what I can and simply disappear. Just finally run away from all of this craziness. 

Here I am at his mother’s house. While his father attempts to calm him – why isn’t he in the hospital?

Why are we all hiding in our own ways?  Why am I all alone?  

Just me, my dog and a box of my father’s ashes. 

How could he turn on me?  Me?!  

My heart is broken and my life is shattered. 

I’ve been hiding my entire life. 


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