My Fault

You made it sound like it sound like it was all my fault – I was stupid and should have known better. You were right. I was a fool, stupid and blind. I deserve to be left alone and it is exactly as I thought I would end up. 



Me and my dog. 

Isn’t it what I wanted – be careful what you wish for…  I’m so scared that I can’t move. I can’t even cry anymore. 

He left with the voices screaming in his head!  There is nothing I can do but sit crippled on the sofa, my dog asleep by my side and wish that I could close my eyes and make the world go away. 

It’s my fault. 

It’s all my fault. 

Him, my father, Tobey, Faith – I’ve never been worthy. 

I should be alone; I should spend the rest of my days counting them down all by myself. 

Nobody to love or to love me. Just as I’ve always known. 

Disappear – as it is all my fault. 


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