Hide Me

Hide me and my dog from all of the pain, stress and insanity

Find a place for us where we can be loved and taken care of without agony or the constant vice upon my skull

Let the fear go the way of the wind and give us the strength to be more than we are and able to find safety

Make my boy young again, able to take long walks where I can clear my head and have time away

I dream of both of us being whole once again! 

Him:  Weak and aging. 

Me:  A shattered disaster that crawls up and cries until her face is red and head beats like a drum. Unable to complete tasks that used to be moments are now monumental

HE has the nerve to judge me. To ask me, “how much longer will you be like THIS?” – part of the reason that I broke, the man who never stood on his own

Now he stands – judge and jury – looking at me with pity and frustration in his delussional eyes

The world is no longer a safe place, I need to find a place to hide my dog and me. To grow old as alone as I am at this very moment, packing while he sleeps. 

I have stopped as my body has betrayed me. I cannot eat without getting sick, exhaustion overtakes me easily and there is little I can do without being overwhelmed. 

Let him sleep. 

Hide me and my dog; if only in my dreams. 


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