The Different Inflictions of Love


Pure love is a parent and child; in theory. 

Have you met my egg donor? 

My father attempted to fill in the gaps but was unsure where to begin.  My father walked on water, see Anne Sexton for any questions as to my adamant beliefs. 

My very deliberate not to have a human child; opting for the unconditional love of dogs is simple math. Dr. Freud, while quite interesting, was unnecessary in this equation. 

Simply, perhaps sadly you may think, I love my dear sweet dog more than any human alive. 


Which brings me to the love between a man and a woman or a man and a man or a woman and a woman; I do not discriminate. That relationship is never pure, nor even close to being imagined as such. This love is lacking purity, borne in sin and only validated if consummated with a child. (See above)


There can be no absolute truth in love or it will crumble. The best that can be hoped for is a mutual understanding whereas at least one person is self-aware. The other is perfectly happy to live as though things are fine while the other marks lines on their cave wall until the end of days. 


The ultimate fear is of being all alone, which is why people endure decades of silence. Days when they dream their escape that will never happen. Looking at homes in New Mexico with Aztec painted skies and quietly weeping as they fall asleep alone yet again. Fear keeps us frozen, it is why people write poetry or novels – to live a life that is not their own. 

Alas, I am projecting. 

As I walk my true love along the banks of the Hudson and my husband is elsewhere – totally unaware. 



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