Just a Leap

All it takes is just a leap; albeit of faith or like Faith to change your life.

Neith of which appeal to me at this moment. 

My normall obsessively neat home has become a clutter with everything from boxes to clothing that I haven’t the energy to organize. 

Exhaustion has replaced lists and reading has replaced desire. 

Have I fallen or risen? 

Perhaps it depends it depends on one’s perspective. 

Curled on the sofa with my dog at my feet far surpasses the thought of trudging up the stairs to my marital bed. 

The same dark clothes fall on my pale skin and almost white hair with blue washed eyes. 

A contradiction in color. 

Just a leap to change but I’ve got no reason. A nap sounds far more appealing. 

Blame my parents. 

Blame the medicines.

Blame a broken heart. 



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