Scratches on a Cave Wall

Trapped within a cave, a rock is slowly being pushed against the only opening.

The air becomes thick and her breath labored; she is quite sure that she is not going to survive. 

Lightheaded, the hallucinations begin.  All of her angels are dancing, smiling, walking and laughing.  

Are they mocking her or attempting to coax her to join them?  

Follow them into a safer place than this particular lobotomy. 

She draws a line on the wall each morning that she wakes.  It amazes her that she can still see the sunlight.  

The tiny opening is growing smaller as she grows larger:  Alice in Wonderland without the rhyme. 

Just a silly blonde girl eternally seeking attention from an otherwise involved rabbit. 

Tears flow without reason and her head aches from her concussion. She stays for her little dog; otherwise, somewhere in a parallel universe she is free. Only in a dream. 

The hallucinations from the trauma to her head are bending her mind and making it explode.  It exhausts and breaks the willow tree. 



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