Play Pretend

Let’s play pretend for a while and everything will be perfect. 

You and I will dance in the living room with candles lit and giggle with joy. 

The phone will ring and rather than answer, you respond with a passionate kiss that weakens my knees.  

We drop to the well-worn area rug and make love with a fire that nearly rips through to the wooden floors. 

Such a filthy, active imagination.

Let’s walk hand in hand while we talk about our future far from the filth of New York City. You speak in works painted in southwestern colors; tones of oranges, yellows and reds. We plan life and the angel on my shoulder smiles. 

I tell you of the homes I’ve found and how we can drive across the country with our dear hound by my side and you laugh. It’s the laugh that I have come to love over the nearly twenty years together. Another angel smiles. 

You draw me close, put your arms around me and hold me tight.

It’s a dream. 

None of this is real   

Let’s play pretend. 


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