Nobody Listens but a Dream…

I have made it perfectly clear of my intentions and yet not a person within this group listens to me.  Not one.  They continue upon their way as though I do not exist or as if they simply cannot or do not hear me.  Better yet, that that I will eventually give into their insanity.  “Oh, she will surely give into our way of doing things”.  Well, this time they are quite wrong.

Enough is enough.  I have fallen in love with a dream.  An impossible dream, but it is mine and I refuse to let it go.  I will hang onto it like a child holds onto her favorite teddy bear and there is no person no this earth that can take it from me!  My love, my dream may never come to fruition – in fact, I am quite sure it will not, but that does not mean that I cannot hold onto it for sanity’s sake.

Nobody listens but I know that somewhere he is out there listening.  I can hear the lilt of his voice and feel his hands.  Tears well up in my eyes and I try to think of anything to flee the house for just an hour or two. 


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