Orphan; No Shock

The ONLY person within this so-called family has told me that I am no longer to share my feelings with her.  I am an employee. I am NOT, nor have I ever truly ever been family. 

She knows that I haven’t another soul in the world and she’s turned on me. I’m NOT family. 


I should have known better. I’ve been told that I’m only “permitted” to speak to my doctor about my emotion and pain. Not my few friends, not HIS family and certainly NOT him. 

I saw this coming; I am an idiot. 

A fool. 

A stupid trapped animal who is now chewing her own arm off in an effort to get free. Just give me the dog and let me go. 

An orphan who just threw you a huge party for way too much money – I’m a hypocrite – a loser. 

An orphan always. 


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