None of you change. You take and take until there is nothing left. When confronted, you lie as though its second nature. 

You’ll NEVER change and I’ll NEVER fit into your mold. It’s neither of our faults as I grow larger and insulate myself from pain. You’ve never worn these shoes that never went to Prom or danced under the stars. 

Always perfect (or at least believing that you were); you grew up do different than I. Oddly, it’s taken nearly two decades and my revision to milk and cookies to realize that I was NEVER one of you. 

Things that you may learn from me:

NEVER give away your soul. 

NEVER lose your memory. 

NEVER let others steal everything from you. And then thank them. 

NEVER drown your pain in alcohol, drugs or food. They are illusions. 

NEVER lie to yourself. Eventually even you’ll figure out the truth. 

NEVER think that there is an easy way out. 

NEVER believe that certain types of pain end. 

Good luck


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