Mistakes and Binges

NO diet pill on Earth can fix the binging that is a direct result of my misery. My mistakes haunt me like ghosts – poltergeists that have taken over my entire body. 

I’ve lost all control and am waiting out the final 20 – 40 years of my life. Quiet misery has replaced hope and it’s my mistake for allowing this bullshit to go on for so long. 

This is my punishment for a thousand things which I could have controlled and could never have played God. Regardless, this is my ever expanding life. It’s a mistake. 

My mother was right, I am a terrible person who only deserves the worst of things. She got her wish; read her Tarot cards and put her witch’s evil spell upon me. 

Too much of a coward, I cannot run away. Too much of a fool, I tolerate the emotional pain. The barbed wire that I walk upon and encloses me leaves me bloody and raw. 

How I wish that clocks spun backwards. 


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