Dear Dr. Freud

Dear Dr. Freud,

While I can appreciate your theory and may even believe that there may be some validity in your ideas, I must point out the following:

1. Anger:  this is a major factor in keeping us so far apart.   The rules are different for me; as are the expectations. 

2. Resentment:  it builds daily and instead of being dealt with, it is hidden beneath a hundred blankets between us.   Do as I say.  

3. Sadness:  mine. 

4. Disconnection:  it is not a matter of flipping a light switch; and to imply as much is a cavalier notion. 

5. Exhaustion:  gross misallocation of life tasks. 

If I was not so pained and exhausted, I would weep for the lack of spark. The amount of “work” that you have put before me. 

All my responsibility. 

Of course. 



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