Your siblings have isolated me.  Despite how much I want this to be painless; it is agony.  I never had a family and once again, I do not. You promised me that it was temporary. It has been eighteen months, out of eighteen years, and I’ve been banished for no fault of my own. 

My crime:  love. 

Your ailing parents asked me to help them, I stood up and helped them. To manage their household, their finances and their lives. While they battled cancer (yes, both of them) I made their lives a little bit simpler. Not for myself; for them. They asked me. In turn, I was banished and treated cruelly by your siblings. 

Your parents let them do it; they never stepped in – and still have not. Watching me bruise from their brutal adult children and their spouses. 

You turn a blind eye and make lame excuses; leaving me more alone than I am already. 

Tonight when I beg my neice, who used to be as close as my daughter – has been stolen – won’t even text with me. My goddaughter cannot even speak on the phone on with me. You find lame reasons; practically blaming me – you break my heart. 

At bed time you ask if I’m coming upstairs, I ca barely respond and settle down with my best friend on the sofa. 

Foolish girl, I was never family. 


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