Open Letter

To your siblings;

You’ve been a gross disappointment, as have your spouses. Foolishly, I had such high hopes that we would be this big happy family. This was only true when I was ready and willing to put aside any ego, any pride and let you take full advantage of me. It’s my own fault because I allowed this for a dozen years. 

After I lost my family, I changed because I “needed” and none of you were willing or capable of reciprocating. I’ve been in shock and pain. Unable to articulate my feelings until now. Suddenly it is clear:  you are all selfish, and always were. I loved it because it gave me an opportunity to prove my worthiness over and again. But I am damn exhausted – and angry. 

How dare any of you be upset with me?  Your parasites and were born and bread that way. Feeling superior when you are not and expecting such treatment has driven me insane. Yes, you have driven me to the brink of insanity; as you did your brother. Monsters of the worst kind, led by a mother and father who appear as Angels. I love your parents out of allegiance but you, you are not of the same cloth. 

And we all lived happily ever after. 


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