Knock, Knock

Knock, knock Dad – can you hear me?

I wish that I could speak to you. I need you. I’ve got questions without answers – I need your help. This is one of the times that I’m crippled without you. I’m doing my very best not to cry. I’ve reached out to a couple of other people but nothing.

Where are you?
Why did you have to go so soon?
Didn’t you think that I’d need you for at least a couple of decades more?

Daddy, I tried to save you but it was too late. Now I’m alone. There isn’t anyone I can go to for help.
Not the kind of help that you get from family – from my Dad.

Here I am, choking back tears while the rest of the world can’t see me. They can’t hear me or feel my pain.

I need you.
Not just for this but for a million other reasons.
But at this moment, the universe has opened up and swallowed me.

I’m gone, lost and missing my touchstone.

My best friend is fast asleep.
Husband uninvolved and on the phone.
No return calls from those I’ve reached out to…

After all of this time I’m lost and invisible.



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