Rant of the Day: Valentine’s Day


In Finland, Valentine’s Day is called “Ystavanpaiva” which translates into “Friend’s Day”.

Per Wikipedia, this day is more about remembering friends, not significant others.
In Estonia: same thing!!

Alas, screw all of the marketing of chocolates and stuffed bears, over-priced flowers and jewelry chosen by ill-willed men; let’s celebrate real friendship!

Romantic love, while wonderful, fades.

Friendship lasts – true friendship is eternal.

I’ve always found Valentines Day to be so “forced”, it’s as though it’s an obligation.

I want flowers (not roses! tulips, loads of them!) on August 12th, because you love me, NOT on some Hallmark driven holiday.

And so, I hereby declare myself either a “Fin” (?) or “Estonian” on this day!

Let’s celebrate the true joy of friendship!

Keep your stupid teddy bears who will gather dust or find themselves in my dogs basket!

Rant of the day.

Best Friend!


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