Puzzle of the Day

Each day I am faced with a new puzzle. Today presents itself on the importance of being grateful.

Be grateful for all that you have because it is more than most and certainly greater than you deserve.

So always say; “Thank You“.

• Be thankful for the obvious that should be done without asking.
• Fall to your knees should something positive and out of the norm occur. “Thank you, over and again”.

Inversely, never expect thanks or gratitude. Such behavior infers that you are greedy. Greedy means that you are treated poorly. See, easy enough path to follow?

It’s a puzzle, you see.
• Have a sad story.
• Low expectations
• Be marginal in most tasks
And you are a Superstar!

When slapped in the face by the nastiest of family, smile!


Smile because then they won’t know the truth that is painted across their faces: “Selfish!”
It will drive them insane at your obvious disrespect.

Ask their opinion and then do whatever the hell you want.

These mini-monsters must be defused before their heads grow any larger!

Oh, I am a bitter child who has been pissed upon and than thanked the person for the opportunity. But NO more! My life and that of my only friend depends on me standing up and pointing out the liars, thieves, two-faced, wicked and plain cruel.

We walk in the ice chill of winter, with snow and huge chunks of ice around us. Does anyone care that my hands are cut and raw? How would they know?

Thank you for listening to my rant. You are kinder than most and far more understanding.


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