Haunted Video

Another quiet evening and I am forced into “organize mode“. This time it is the videos which should be transferred to DVDS. I start left to right, but end up just pulling them all out into a pile. There in the center are THREE copies of “Our Wedding Day: July 7, 2000“. White cover and ornate scroll, little tags “his family”, “her family” and “ours“; well I guess that spoke volumes. Still married fifteen and a half years later, I figure: “what the hell, let’s start here!

Not “dated“, everyone is dressed as though it is 2015. “Black tie required” forces that kind of agelessness upon people – that and fee for rental for those mortals who do not own their own tuxedo. Heaven forbid!

The music is well-chosen and there are people who I no longer know not mixing with those who I wish would have attended. Figure it out.

Alas, the big moment! My soon to be husband awaits my solitary arrival. Faces from the past look back at me. It takes a few minutes for me to maneuver this cupcake of a dress on a cupcake of a woman down the aisle.

• Family stands
• Family speaks
• Candles are lit
• Vows are signed in pen
• Vows are said aloud
• Rings are exchanged
• A glass is shattered in thousands of pieces
• A slight cry from a baby
• Then the crowd rises and applauds
• We are wed!


The only baby is gone by this point in the evening! My Goddaughter was carried down the aisle and then shuttered away at least ten minutes earlier. There was a car waiting for them outside, I remember being disappointed that we couldn’t do more photos with her.
The photographers exact words: “your niece was almost home before you exchanged rings”.

I’m seriously losing my mind! I rewind the old VCR and play it again – YEP! Baby cries! A boy, I would bet money on it!

This is crazy, I should call somebody over to listen with me, but at this hour all I can do is use my iPhone to video the moments. I send it off to my friend in Haifa; a world away, she’ll be awake.

I wait…

Minutes go by and I head for the pantry for some carbohydrate intervention.

Then the SKYPE bell rings! Thank God!

She pops up like a flower and confirms it, a baby!! Was it a sign that I was pregnant? I certainly was not a virgin but definitely not with child.

My dear friend has been through TWO failed marriages and has a wonderful attitude about life. In her best lilted English she proclaims: “Shit! When you married him you also gave birth to him! There must be millions of old VCR tapes out there just like yours!She’s hysterical laughing.

You’ve found the holy grail – hide it!

By this point, tears are pouring down her face and I’m beginning to believe her! I really did marry a child! This explains everything! I mean everything!

We chat for another forty minutes or so before we part for the day. The sun is coming up here and I choose to toss all of the tapes (the evidence) back on the shelf.

I sit in quiet retrospection; I married a child. We all do – or is it just some of us? Or just me?

Marriage is birth? Freudian horrors!



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