Always the Same

If I am quiet then maybe nobody will notice me. I can sit still enough that not a soul will realize that I exist. And, if I am lucky, slip into the safe soft world of sleep.

I take the call that is supposed to spin my world. Fool, I share my heart with my soul-mate and he is warm for a while. Listens to me cry and shows appropriate affection. Alas, an hour passed and he is gone.

It’s time for him to rest, while I sit alone, dripping in sweat and stomach clenched in agony. The only sound is the loud barking of my best friend.

The roads are all ice. We walk slowly and with care. He’s all I’ve got and my memory grows hazy with sleep and anger.

A roar comes from inside, “WHO TAKES CARE OF ME?”, it’s answered by the cruel chill of winter. I see my only true companion and he licks the snow and smiles up at me. “I DO”. I’m hallucinating – I must be in dire need of heat, caffeine or chocolate.

Once home, he falls asleep quickly and I allow medicine to assist in my journey.

It’s all the same.


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