Caution: NO Idiot Ahead

They have been like parents to me. She has treated me better than my own. She gave me the allure of sisterhood and then the gift of being Godmother to her children. They all made me feel welcome, loved and needed.

Eighteen years later I am drowning in their urine. I’ve been pissed all over by each of them in different ways and at different times. Finally, I’ve had enough!

Good luck. You’re on your own. I cannot put myself through the constant and blatant humiliation which comes with being “permitted” in the family. He is the cruelest, razor tongue that thinks nothing of saying whatever comes to mind. My only gratitude is that he managed to control himself for three hours today when my only true friend was at out house.

I’m sick of being put down. I am smarter, kinder, more resourceful and a better person than the lot of you. Yes, you selfish spoiled monsters!

Enough is enough.


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