What Day is it?

The only thing I’m trying not to concentrate on is DID I GET THE JOB?? Alas, I am in full obsessive compulsive mode. I haven’t a clue what I’m doing. I can’t recall deliveries from MASS online shopping expeditions. Did the items arrive? Where did I put them anyway?

I should start focusing on MY novel. Create an outline and put my thoughts together – except that I’m suddenly clueless. Instead I am going to attempt to focus this late evening on writing an article for a friend and attempt to block out the Neapolitan low fat ice cream that is chanting my name. Like a metronome is chimes my name from as far away as down the street.

Honestly, the alcoholics have it far simpler. I used to tell that to my father (once he began recovery)
“You wear your addiction in a place where nobody can see it”.

He never understood being fat.


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