Today Didn’t Happen

It’s nearly 9:30pm and I’ve done a great deal of nothing but am exhausted. My “healthy eating” went out the window. Hence, the introduction of the: CHEAT DAY! I like it!

Today didn’t happen because I feel miserable and alone and victimized by the world. Poor me! As though I sleep in a box without hear or food; dare I complain when I’ve been given so much? Everyone else fails to see me – I am invisible. If they could see the woman standing before them, they would grab me, hold me tight and love me.

There I go – too much sugar and caffeine has me hallucinating.

What’s it like in other people’s homes? In their marriages? What do they really think? I wish I knew, that somebody would tell me the truth and just maybe I would not feel like such an alien.

Can you tell me, please? What is it like out there in the real world? In your world? Give me something to cling onto when my legs give out.



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