With all due respect:

The epiphany that I have longed for more than four long years – spent nearly $80,000 in fees – it has arrived!


Accept that I’ve gone from a high powered Wall Street executive to an unpaid dog walker. Agree with the reality that I am on my own (as I always knew) and rejoice!

Certainly I am missing something here, this cannot be my destiny! I was supposed to BE somebody, outshine my father! Instead, I have folded up into an origami locomotive. Designed from flimsy paper and expected to make the entire train move. No steam or assistance, just PUSH.

Resign myself to a life of melancholy. No passion or excitement, merely existence.

Listen to his barbed and forked tongue as it spits out venom in my direction. This is acceptance?

My lost hero told me: “You Can NOT Change Me”; foolish girl, I believed that was exclusive to him.

Am I to continue to alter who I am, all for THEM? Rhetorical.

I’ve been awake more hours that I’d like to admit and my eyes are fading. My mind is playing tricks on me because my imagination was a cruel master.

Accept Me Please!!0



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