Fine, be that way.  You spend the ENTIRE day on the telephone playing games with your friends and then decide it is time for me to JUMP.  Screw you!  

I get a telephone call from the BIG interview from YESTERDAY asking me to return TOMORROW... Your response?  “That dress is frumpy.”

Then – once you have run out of friends to annoy, family to chat with and general bullshit:

“OH, you are on that computer again”.  

Where is my father!?  Where is the man that I can call and talk to about this new job?  Where is the person who would be all excited for me and tell me to research the CEO?  Where is the man who would say, “You need a compensation game plan!”?  No, I have nothing.  

My BEST friend can talk clothing with me and I love her for that very fact.  Otherwise, I call a friend: Ken, because he’s the closest thing to a male friend I am allowed to have now.  He’s busy and excited for me and promises to follow up.  I fire questions on him and he says, “I saw them today, said you ‘walked on water'”.  Good thing I cannot cry any longer. 

Game plan:

  • Wait as long as possible to walk the dog
  • Finish manicure
  • Print directions from ferry to meeting (OH LORD!)
  • Research CEO
  • Choose jewelry for dress tomorrow
  • Try not to eat entire container of ice cream (low fat – great)
  • Get to sleep by 2AM and wake by 5AM  
  • Shower and hair – dog walk IF necessary
  • Then take shuttle bus to ferry EXTREMELY EARLY
  • Be there better early than never
  • Pray
  • Interview
  • Cry
  • Figure out how in the hell to get to my psychiatrist ASAP

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