I am NOT perfect.  My diet is not kicked in yet; except if gelato and Chex Mix Light count…  The exercise remains my walks with my dear hound.  Alas, I have begun one part of the NEW and (please dear GOD) improved ME:  the screw you attitude.  I am doing as I please (well, I’m not running around seeking Viggo Mortenson’s body double…  Have you see him?) to the point where I sleep where and when I want.  Shop where and when I want AND I have hired a NEW cleaning woman!  Then proceeded to spend upwards of $200 on Amazon.com for supplies.  (Let us take a moment to hope that they arrive on Tuesday PRIOR to her arrival on Wednesday – a moment)

My great American novel, short story or article has yet to be written.  I have come up with a few fabulous projects that are ME and ALL ME, in order to kill time until my brain can give into the idea of being a writer and not some Wall Street walkaway loser.  I am keeping my mind busy enough that I don’t panic over the fact that my best friend and basset hound has a small benign tumor under his front left paw.  OK, I’m lying.  I am practically hysterical over the dog.  He’s my life – he MUST be fine and so he will be fine.  If he is not fine, and they must do the most awful thing ever than I am afraid that there is NO GOD.  Yes, I have no offended a certain amount of you but if you knew me.  If you knew him; you would understand my predicament.  

Married, friends, relatives – none of them are my heart like he is.  

One should never end a sentence in “IS”; but I was unsure how to clarify it any further.  


I am SO NOT perfect that I drive people insane, or so I am told, but I don’t think that I care any longer.  I want to wear a green hat.  Of course I’m obsessive compulsive but people in glass houses certainly should not stand with rocks aimed at my simple abode.  Their rocks are pebbles; I’ve got boulders to toss their way if they continue to criticize.  

I wish that I was keeping to a strict diet, going to the gym and writing daily.  For now, that’s not happening but what is happening is that I am evolving.  Whether I am stick thin with abs of steel and a world wide success; I am NOT PERFECT. 

Guess what?

Neither are ANY of YOU.


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