Goodbye 2014!

Goodbye 2014; I am happy to see you go! You’ve been a real son of a bitch (much like the rest of the beginning of this decade) and I gladly hold the door open for you as you exit!

You’ve given cancer to those I love, a stroke (albeit mild) to my husband and let my health deteriorate until I’ve blown up into an iron depleted balloon. The hauntings of the prior years continued and I gave up on so very much. So, please go already.
Know that I will NOT miss you.

The second half of this decade simply MUST be better! It is my lifeline; the only pot of gold that I d got left.

There is no other way. This coming year has to be better – the second half of the decade MUST give me PEACE, HOPE & FREEDOM – or what is life except a horrible hamster wheel.

Happy New Year: 2015!

Let life begin again, for I’ve been barely alive for too long!!



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