Each year I go into the Holiday season with ZERO expectations and each year I am rewarded with being correct. Just once, one time, I’d love to be surprised by somebody.


Alas, I cannot complain because I predict the emptiness and being right is no victory. Crying is pointless right now, that will wait for my late night walk with my best friend.

I’ve got to make SERIOUS changes in my life. There is no way I want to live out my life in quiet disappointment.

Outside with my best friend, I can clear my head and plan my week leading up to the New Year.

There will be
• Long Lists
• Research
• Writing
• Organization
• Purging of things both physical and psychological

This is my ONLY LIFE and I am squandering it on people, places and things that simply do NOT matter. For all of his glories and flaws; my father LIVED.

NOW, I have to figure out how to make it MY TURN.



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