A Million Miles

We sit in the same room, your voice is as dry and cold as chalk; and I pretend to listen. You’ve no idea what I’m thinking and it amazes me that you don’t notice. You’re interests are different than mine because you cannot possibly put me ahead of your family.

Our relationship, no matter how enmeshed, is more mirrors and lights than an artist’s clay. I can tell you what you want to hear and push myself further and further back until you cannot see me. Amazingly, you do not notice that I’ve disappeared.

As long as you believe what you see and hear; we are safe. You are safe. While I am slowly taking on water until I fear that the stream is above my head. Unable to swim, I should panic, instead I close my eyes and wait calmly for the drowning.

The water is safe and for once I don’t mind the idea of floating into the deep.


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