The Hard Way

It is inevitable that I learn “The Hard Way“. This covers an ocean of different areas in my personal and professional life. I would like to blame my childhood, society or circumstances; but that would be unfair. I have made decisions in my life that have been (for lack of an eloquent way of describing it) WRONG.

Perhaps it is time that I stand up and take responsibility. Yes, I’ve failed. I have made glaring mistakes in the face of smarter people. But I am not going to lie any longer. It is time this I set myself free from your shackles that you put on me when I was looking away. How foolish of me.

Now I will do things MY WAY – not yours. Ignore me, lie to me, use me and I don’t flinch. It’s time that I take my life back from ALL of you!

Vampires – even those who are supposed to be pure. There is no such thing as kindness that goes unpunished; no truth that is one hundred percent real.

You know how to get to me. I taught each of you. Now I’ve no choice but to back away from the table and SCREAM the ugly truth. How dare you be the judge and jury when you are weaker than you know.

In the name of my father, I must be strong.



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